Purpose The study of animals and plants allows scientists and engineers to develop applications for these lifeforms in the real world. This lesson focuses on helping students to understand how nature can lead to the development of an idea and subsequent mass production. Objectives Using the internet, groups of students will investigate a variety […]

Nature Knows Best – Biomimicry

Economics of Botany
Students will research and report on specific plant industries (e.g., medical, housing, food, etc.). Students will examine/research one fruit source in detail.

The Economics of Botany

Parachute Commerce
In this activity students work through a multiple phase process and are challenged to make parachutes that can successfully drop one or more eggs.

Parachuting Commerce

Scrap Metal Science
This activity involves students in the processes behind recycling copper from pennies. Cost considerations based on water versus road transportation of copper for reclamation is incorporated.

Scrap Metal Science

Tower Building
This activity simulates the processes behind construction and the need for multiple individuals with specific skill sets to be successful in the construction of a building.

Tower Building